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Ridea BB86 Road Bike Ceramic Bearing


Ridea BB86 Road Bike Ceramic Bearing

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RIDEA BB86 special ceramic BB , using patented Palin installation structure ,
can increase the service life of Palin . The waterproof part,
RIDEA’s special patented waterproof structure ,
not only has excellent waterproof and dustproof effect,
but also does not affect the smoothness due to waterproofness in smoothness,
and still maintains good smoothness. In terms of material,
the BB86 shell is made of engineering steel ,
and its hardness is much lower than that of the five-way.
It is not easy to cause the hole expansion problem of the five-way.

Product Specifications

Specifications: Shimano Sram (BB86 system)

Material: Ceramic Palin + Engineering Plastic Steel (CUP)

Weight: 28g